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Vietnam Accounting Localization Pack is a set of functions and reports built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, which facilitates your core finance operations running at peak performance while meeting with regulatory requirements of Vietnam Accounting Standards ((VAS). 


 What is VAS?

The Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS) is a book-keeping and financial reporting manual. It provides a standard chart of accounts, financial statements template, accounting books and voucher templates, as well as detailed guidance on accounting double entries for specific transactions.

These generally accepted accounting principles act as the primary set of guidelines on the way accounts and books are prepared and recorded.

 Vietnam Accounting Localization Pack Features

VAS reports

       Financial Statements

       General Ledger Book

       GL Account Detailed Book

       Accounts Receivable Summary/In Details

       Accounts Payable Summary/In Details

       VAT Input Report / VAT Output Report

       Cash Books

       Fixed Asset Depreciation Books

       Journal Books

       Inventory Books



       Corresponding Accounts: to allocate the matching accounting entries with corresponding entries automatically;

       Vietnamese Language for data entry and tax reports.

       Integrated E-banking/ E-invoice (optional add-on modules)



Benefits Of Vietnam Accounting Localization Pack



       Enable you to have a powerful global solution on Microsoft Dynamics platform with local add-on functions, removing the need for maintaining additional local accounting software.

       Provide a single source of data for both management reports and Vietnamese satutory reports.

       Keep the company staying up-to-date with changes in local compliance requirements.


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