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Canvas LMS is an open and modern software platform that allows institutions to manage digital learning, educators to create and present online learning materials and assess student learning, and students to engage in courses and receive feedback about skill development and learning achievement.

Developed by  Instructure Inc.  in 2009, Canvas LMS has now become the most popular LMS solution in the world. As of 2022, Canvas LMS is used in approximately 6,000 institutions in over 70 countries with more than 30 million users.

Canvas LMS supports 33 languages and and can work with over 300 third-party Edu Apps which can be downloaded via Edu App Center.

Canvas LMS is used in all types of education institutions including K-12, Higher Ed & Vocational and more.

In higher education, Canvas LMS is currently used by:

  •  All Ivy League Universities
  • All California Community Colleges
  • All Higher Education System for Sweden and Norway


In K-12 education, Canvas LMS is used in

  • 21 State-wide Deployments
  • 1,200+ Schools in Queensland, Australia
  • And many of the Largest K-12 systems in the United States.

Who use Canvas LMS?



Canvas provides the largest ecosystem of tools and apps to make teaching easier

Canvas Commons offers hundreds of thousands of shared learning objects to help instructors leverage best practices from their fellow educators. 

All of this contributes to Canvas enjoying the largest, most active community in education.



Canvas provides the easiest most engaging LMS students that both online  and through our best of breed mobile apps. 

Canvas seamless integration with all the systems students use help remove the barriers to success for every student.




Canvas offers highest ranked implementation services and support.

Canvas provides unparalleled access to institutional data and analytics.

Canvas LMS Features

Basic Features

Canvas includes a variety of built-in course construction and management tools that can be customized to create unique and accessible teaching and learning experiences. Some of key features of Canvas include:


  • ·        Content Tools

    o   Pages

    o   Modules

    o   Syllabus

    o   Files

    ·        Communication Tools

o   Inbox

o   Announcements

o   Discussions

o   Conferencing

·        Assessment Tools

o   Assignments

o   Quizzes

o   Grades

o   Speedgrader (unique to Canvas)

o   Outcomes

·        Interactive Tools

o   Group Work (People)

o   Conferencing

o   Collaboration

  • ·        Analytics


Additional Features

 Institutions may choose to include additional Canvas features specifically designed to meet a variety of institutional, educational, and learning needs. 

        Canvas Catalog is a digital marketplace where students can register, enroll, and pay for courses. 

        Canvas Studio is an interactive video management platform that enhances student engagement and collaboration.  

        Canvas Commons is a learning object repository where teachers can store course content for their own use and for collaboration with colleagues both within and outside of their institution. 

        MasteryConnect allows designers and teachers to build, deploy, and manage formative and summative assessments across an institution. It provides schools with actionable data to improve teaching and learning.

        Portfolium is an ePortfolio platform that integrates directly inside of Canvas. However, students also always have access to their Portfolium portfolios outside of Canvaseven after they lose access to the LMS.

Canvas LMS Benefits

·       TIME SAVINGS: Canvas simplifies time-intensive tasks through advanced tools, intuitive interface, and usability

·       FOCUS ON LEARNING: Canvas gets out of the way and lets you focus on what is most important, creating an environment where learning flourishes.

·       SPEND YOUR TIME TEACHING: Canvas is designed to simplify teaching so faculty can spend more time engaging students in ways that elevate learning.

·       INCREASE SUCCESS: Canvas helps students succeed through interactive tools that engage students and improve learning impact

·       FOSTER INNOVATION: Canvas open architecture and ecosystem allow institutions the freedom to customize and extend their learning platform.

·       THE MOST ACTIVE COMMUNITY: Canvas is backed by the most active and innovative community in education technology, with over 418,000 contributors from over 70 countries.

·       OPEN, RELIABLE, SECURE: Born in the cloud, Canvas can scale up or down to any institution size, and Canvas continues to offer unparalleled up-time, third-party-validated security and support that keeps our customers on board for the long haul.

·       RESPONSIVE PARTNER: From the beginning, Canvas has been developed with the client guidance and feedback. Canvas has an ecosystem of partners all over the world to support your needs. 


why you should partner with balas technologies?

Balas Technologies is authorized partner of Instructure’s Canvas LMS in Vietnam.

Balas Technologies will assist you make good use of Canvas LMS implementation best practices for your organizations and people in various activities ranging from planning, configuring the system, to training users, migrating data and more. It is to ensure that you can bring your Canvas LMS to its full benefits in the shortest time and with lowest risks.

With strong experience in enterprise business solutions, Balas Technologies is also here to help you orchestrate your Canvas LMS with other business systems within your organization via our value-added services: 

·       SIS Solution Implementation & Integration

·       Financial and Accounting System implementation & Integration

·       Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence design and implementation

·       IT Project Management

·       IT Helpdesk


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