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Build Intelligent Apps with Microsoft AI Services

Summarizing the power of AI, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says, “What is perhaps at the core of the experiences [and applications] we create, as well as our platform itself, is AI. AI is the runtime that is going to shape all of what we do going forward regarding the applications as well as the platform advances. At the center of the AI revolution is Natural Language Technology (NLP), which is powering bots across businesses and their functions.”

Balas Technologies helps organizations across various industries in developing AI strategies using Microsoft’s Azure AI Services such as Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Bot Framework, and Azure Automation.

The Microsoft AI Services provides an array of tools such as Azure machine learning, Cognitive skills and many more that are integrated to work seamlessly together. Using these tools, developers can infuse AI into their solutions to create better experiences for end users. The platform offers high-quality RESTful intelligent PIs for vision, speech, language, knowledge, and searches with minimal coding requirements. Using the platform’s pre-built services, you can create engaging,
intelligent applications across devices. You can also customize the same with your data to train algorithms for your specific needs and run them on your application.


Microsoft AI Services — Key benefits

1.  Cognitive Services empowers companies to develop their own AI applications, albeit with data scientists. Its rich set of features cover speech, vision, language, knowledge, and search. Using Cognitive Recognition, one can leverage powerful pre-trained algorithms to recognize faces, emotions, words and so forth.

2. Engage with your customers with AI: Enterprises are leveraging chatbots and virtual assistants to deliver rich support solutions using conversational AI. Customized Computer Vision Models as a feature lets businesses bring their data to train computer vision models.

3. Machine Learning helps companies to develop and customize models using various deep learning toolkits. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning can help your developers to put together and manage, scalable architecture while accessing your available structure and unstructured data. Below are Azure Machine Learning key service capabilities:


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